Op Hunt Saboteur: 2

Had a call from neurosurgery at 11 to say that my op is on for tomorrow. I’m to arrive on Fal at 1030.

The relief hits in a physical flollop. This evening  L visited en route between Cornwall and Coventry, and had some lovely deliveries including a knitted mermaid with three pink knitted crabs, a swimmer keyring, and a stack of audio books.

I feel quite afraid this evening, which I wasn’t last Friday. Maybe more to do with the potential for no beds again. All I can do is hope it all happens without a hitch.

I’ll be off line for a while.

Thank you for your support and friendship.


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13 thoughts on “Op Hunt Saboteur: 2”

  1. Ahhhh, good luck Lynne great news and let’s hope it all goes to plan this time. Never mind you, everybody reading your blog is living on a knife edge waiting for news! Only joking and only trying to cheer you up. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your road to recovery afterwards. Be strong and brave, you have so many people thinking of you. We are doing a swim for Lynne tomorrow evening here in Skye so will be sending very strong vibes down the country to you via the sea waves. Lots of love Gill xxx

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  2. All the best for tomorrow. My thoughts will be with you, all day. Stay strong. Look forward to hearing from you when you’re ready x


  3. More love from Scotland! We’ll light the hot tub in your honour and hope you’ll come and swim in the Sound of Jura as soon as you can. Lottie and co xxxxxxx

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    1. Thanks Lottie – was telling my neighbour about you all today, they’re heading up the Crinan Canal in April on a puffer.
      The hot tub will be in my thoughts as I (hopefully) drift off under the anaesthetic. Much love x


  4. Good Luck Lynne. I hope all goes well with your operation. I work in Derriford in a surgical speciality and the frustration of patients for the past year has been terrible. The only thing that keeps us going is the kindness they show to us when we apologise for not being able to proceed with their surgery for the umpteenth time.

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