Bottom blockers

I’ve been having a few issues in the bottom department, as I mentioned last week; I thought it was related to steroids, but there’s no listed side effect of constipation. I’ve tried senna tea, prunes, linseeds, the usual. I eat lots of veg and nuts. I’m mostly veggie, although I eat the occasional fish, and my core diet is pretty good if you discount the cakes biscuits.

I got some Macrogol from the GP because one of the points made in the Brain Tumours information booklet is that constipation and straining must be avoided after surgery. I know I’m going to be blocked for a week after the general anaesthetic so I’ve been taking the Macrogol twice a day. If you’ll excuse the detail, things are moving with the speed and consistency of a sleepy slug,  but I don’t feel at all comfortable and I’d kill for a good dump.

I don’t know what’s causing this bottom block, and why it’s so slow to resolve. I strongly suspect Hunt has a part to play.




Author: wildwomanswimming

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2 thoughts on “Bottom blockers”

  1. I hate to advise on “bottom unblockers” but while in Canada on exchange many years ago and in the company of a bunch of d..nks, the cheapest red wine was known as liquid plumber and my god it worked!!!! Everything still crossed here!! Lots of love. George xx

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