Buck passing

“I understand you have a problem with Derriford Hospital?”

The call is from Geoffrey Cox MP’s office. I’d though I’d been pretty clear yesterday that I have no problem whatsoever with Derriford Hospital, but this of course is the mindset of our political class. Where does the buck stop?

“No, I have no problem whatsoever with Derriford Hospital, nor with anyone else in the NHS. I have been treated amazingly from the first visit to my GP till now. I have a problem with government cuts to social care which is the prime reason that Derriford is being forced to cancel urgent neurosurgery.”

“So what would you like Mr Cox to do?”

I explain again, far more succinctly that I did yesterday, that I’d like to know Mr Cox’s thoughts on the situation with the social care crisis. I’d like to know what the government is doing to solve this crisis.

I would like to know who in government will take responsibility for the situation with the NHS and social care.

I would Mr Cox to ask Jeremy Hunt to take responsibility for the current state of the NHS, and to identify the issues and address the funding gap and the bed shortage. This is his job. I would like him to manage the situation without blaming anyone else, whether that’s trusts, or junior doctors, or nurses.

“I realise this is a political point, but it’s a key political point. My personal situation is the direct result of the failures in government health and social care policies since 2010.”

I tell the aide that I’m not doing this to queue jump, to kick up a stink about my own situation. I’m doing it for all of us waiting for urgent neurosurgery this week, and next.

I can expect a letter, the woman says.



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7 thoughts on “Buck passing”

  1. Can we all call your MP? I’ve no idea about the etiquette for calling MPs other than one’s own but maybe if we all asked the same questions of the same person then it might force some answers.
    Sorry that you’re still waiting 😦

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    1. Call yours Jane? MPs are there to listen and address our concerns, they are our paid representatives.
      The reason that Tory councils are receiving bailouts from government is to appease the MPs who are getting complaints from constituents. Of course they don’t care about non-Tory councils, just their own voters.
      So please, complain to your MP on my behalf about the mess Hunt has made of the NHS;
      Why do we have the lowest beds per head in Europe?
      What are they doing to address the 35% cuts to social care and the consequent overload?


  2. Lynne, I have come to your blog via a posting by Fiona Bettles on the Nemes Nutters page and I read through your blog in one go (instead of getting the dinner!), and I am full of admiration for you and the clarity of your writing which has lots of lovely touches. I did the Bantham Swoosh in 2015 and was not expecting that nostalgia trip as I read down and it was nice to be able to picture you in a place I have been. So united by water as so many of us often are. Wishing you all the best in kicking out Hunt.


  3. Lynne – I have only read the latest few posts, but will be catching up with the rest of your story over the weekend after hearing about it from a mutual friend (by the power of social media!)
    However, in the meantime I had a few initial thoughts to share:
    1. Hunt is a most excellent name for a brain tumour.
    2. I am astonished and humbled by your instinctive ability to see the bigger picture when your own crisis is upon you. Maybe it’s because you’re a veteran of the NHS frontline.
    3. I am a junior doctor. Thank you for your support. It helps maintain our fighting spirit to know that the people most affected understand why we are doing what we are doing.


    1. Hi Lesley, thank you for your kind words. I’m especially pleased that you’re a junior doctor and involved in the big fight for our NHS.
      For me this is almost meant to be. I’ve been campaigning and fighting from within (all those Datix that do nothing much, those chats with other professionals, those questions about the collapse of services, explaining to families that they should complain.)
      When this happened, I knew at once that I would blog, and I knew too that it would be political. Meant to be?
      Very best to you Lesley, and out with Hunt!


  4. Lynne, I have only read the latest few posts, but will be back at the weekend to catch up. In the meantime, a few thoughts:
    1. Hunt is a most excellent name for a sneaky brain tumour.
    2. Your ability to see the big picture and attribute blame with calm intelligence with your own crisis upon you astonishes and humbles me.
    3. I am a junior doctor. From me and 50,000 others – thank you.

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